Dalcor Companies

We provide investors with industry leading, multi-family investment solutions.

Dalcor was original formed in August 1982 by M. Dale Dodson to help facilitate real estate (multi-family) transactions. Primary focus was structuring acquisitions, financing and management of multi-family investments and operations for executives of various clients such as American Airlines, Texas Instruments, Arthur Young & Co., etc. Dalcor also successfully performed property management for various institutions (GE, Citibank, etc.).

Dalcor managed multi-family foreclosures and/or struggling properties for these companies and turned around the operations enabling the properties to sell for large profits. Due to Dalcor’s management success, Lehman Brothers and then Salomon Brothers approached Dalcor with the opportunity to acquire multifamily properties. Under the $300 million Lehman program, Dalcor acquired over 7,000 multi-family units in Dallas, Houston and Austin. Dalcor sold most of its portfolio in January 2007.

In February 2012, Dale Dodson and JKL Realty, LLC formed Dalcor Holdings, LLC and Dalcor Affordable Housing I, LLC. Dalcor specializes in the acquisition and rehabilitation of multi-family properties under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code. These services include Acquisition, Rehabilitation, Reporting, Asset/Property management and compliance.

In September 2012, Dalcor acquired 1,444 Affordable units under Dalcor’s preservation program. Dalcor remains active in evaluating existing Affordable units for acquisition.